November 15, 2007

I Need A Favor From You

Okay, so I'm pretty sure that at least two or three people are reading this blog. So if you are now reading this, I need your help. It doesn't matter if you don't usually comment on these types of things, you don't even have to use your real name (log out of Blogger and just post anonymously). I need your thoughts.

A few days ago I did a little "exercise" with myself where I wrote out all the things I would want in a church and then all the things I would want a church to avoid. Then I looked over my lists and made myself narrow it down to 3 of each. I was somewhat interested in what I ended up with.

For you, what are the three things you think a church should be/have, and the three things you think a church should be without? And by the way, it's only interesting if you try to make them a little more specific than, "Love."

Don't look at other comments before you leave your own. I'll post my lists later, and then talk about them all (if anyone chooses to participate, that is). Thanks, folks.


Matthew said...

I LOVE it!
My buddy once said church 'shopping' was more like trying to find a girlfriend (getting away from consumer mentality, you're trying to start a relationship with a body). and this list is oddly reminicent of a list for that special someone....

danielle said...

to have:
-sound doctrine (that aligns with mine)
-outward focus
-many generations represented

to avoid:
-building welath (establishing trust funds rather than using money for good)
-inconsistent leadership
-successful worship defined by music style

danielle said...

welath is the greek word for wealth

Anonymous said...

BE WITH(not in order)
1. racial diversity... as much as possible in some places you cant... but a lot of places i feel like have no excuse
2. strong biblical teaching
3. community... ministries, small groups, ways for people to really connect and feel supported

BE WITHOUT(not in order)
1. people pleasing
2. unwillingness to change
3. dishonesty

Matt Donovan said...

Trying very hard not to look at the comments directly to the left of this entry field. Here goes:

A church needs:
1. Humble servant leaders
2. Bible-saturated, Chirst exalting preaching/teaching
3. A ministry to (and therefore a presence in) a specific community.

A church should throw up at thought of having:
1. A coffee shop/cafe
2. A gym
3. No on-going ministry to it's neighbors

rachel said...

what I want:
strong community and outreach focus
true and deep relationships
current and relevant teaching, music, communications, activities

what I don't want:
inability to move forward/stuck in tradition
yet, tradition should not be done away with-respect it
non-biblical teaching

biz said...

I want:
1. diversity (and I mean that on multiple levels, but especially on the level that comes to mind immediately)
2. messages that challenge me and make me thing (regardless of if i agree with them)
3. a place to fit myself in (again, I mean that on multiple levels.)

I don't want:
1. guilt (not to be confused with accountablity)
2. rigidity
3. i guess there are really just two

jessie said...

a church should
- be a place to get solid, bible based teachings, doctrine, and accountability
- be bearing fruit (aka new believers, not just new members from other churches)
- be Christ to the community it is in

a church should not
- be a substitute for a personal relationship with Christ
- be overly concerned with being 'cool'
- make rules that dancing is evil

Alex Paik said...

1) A supernatural sense of community that can't be found outside of the church. Traits include but are not limited to: confrontation and forgiveness in relationships, welcoming atmosphere for newcomers, true and lasting friendships

2) An emphasis on Jesus over doctrine (doctrine just causes wars, figuratively and, sadly, literally)

3) (personal one) A way for artists to integrate into the function of the church

1) Narrow minds
2) any association with Falwell or Robertson
3) more than 2 toms on the drums (shudder)


Spencer said...

It's hard to narrow down to just three, but at this specific moment, I think the church should... culturally relevant and on the front line of influence on social issues concerned with following the great commandment and the great commission, specifically in saving souls
...really ponder Galatians 5, and not let tradition and religion get in the way of the gospel of Jesus Christ

I would hope the church is not...

...a safe and comfortable place to do good Christian stuff
...focused more on what's happening inside the building than outside in the community
...without strong community