November 30, 2007

A Semi-Millennial Cycle

Approx 1 A.D. - Jesus is born.
Approx 500 A.D. - The Fall of the Roman Empire.
Approx 1000 A.D. - The Great Schism, separating Eastern Orthodoxy from the Pope and his Roman Catholic Church.
Approx 1500 A.D. - The Great Reformation, separating Roman Catholicism from Luther and his Protestant movement.

Approx 2000 A.D. - ?


The time is ripe for something to happen. What will it look like? (Thanks to the EV Blog for tipping me off to this article.)


Jessie said...

2000AD- Aliens land, the church cannot find anything on Aliens in the bible.

Also, if we're talking about major things that happened, I just think Galieo being on trial with the church for the issue of the sun could be added... but it's in 1633... but maybe we could pretend like its 1500.

Jason said...

The article (and the things that Phyllis Tickle has been speaking and writing about lately) isn't really about "major things" that happen. It's more about the enormous shifts that happen where one form of Christianity emerges and becomes the most predominant expression of the faith, even though the others don't disappear.

In 300 to 500, Christianity really grew into a major world religion, in 1000 it was RCC that moved to the forefront, and then in 1500 Protestantism moved into that predominant expression spot.

It's interesting to consider where/how the Church will move/shift/change next.