March 27, 2008

New Faith

During my senior year in high school, I was in a band called Secondhand. We played exactly one big show as a part of Erie, PA's Lake Effect In Effect hardcore scene (with Hatebreed, no less!) before breaking up. A few years later I got together with one of the guitarists in the band, who had just gotten back from recording school, and we decided to spend a few weeks of the summer recording some of our old songs.

There was one problem -- neither of us knew any of the words to those old songs of ours. So we wrote new ones. Tim wrote the scream parts and screamed them, and I wrote the sung parts and sung them. If you're in the mood for a laugh, or for feeling angry yet hopeful (wink), take a look at our MySpace by clicking the link below.

Listen to what we recorded here.

Even though we were just messing around, I ended up writing one of the only songs I've ever been proud of for years after I wrote it. They've strangely stuck with me ever since. I think they're especially relevant to the things on this blog, so I'm sharing them below.

New Faith
by Jason Rhodes

I am nothing,
Understanding far away.
Old faith's been charred and cold,
Releasing and renamed.
I am something,
Unknowing and unsure.
This is my new faith:
The hope of what's in store.

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