April 22, 2008

Making A Change

Dear Reader,

For the last year, I've blogged in two different places. Here, of course, and also at Blog responsibly, where I've blogged for about three years. The original idea was to give me a place to focus more on religious/spiritual topics (here) that wasn't intertwined with my other ramblings. But thinking about some of the things I've been pondering lately, especially about dualism and all that, I've decided it's not necessary to keep them separated. So the decision I had to make was whether to move BR here or move this one over there.

BR is hosted by Wordpress. I like some of the behind the scenes stuff at Wordpress, but I don't like how they make you pay to host your own blog if you want to access the code (or pay for "credits" to have minimal access to the CSS). To me, that's a horrible set up that goes against most of what the blog/open-source/wiki world we live in typically represents. And you're then left with a short list of preset, uneditable themes, with only just enough decent ones to make them entirely overused. So, I'm sticking with Google's Blogger, and keeping everything here.

Soon I'll import most of those posts over here. I think most people who read this blog read BR too (another reason to combine them), so I doubt there'll be anything new for most of you.

I hope to write a lot more, too, though I'm hesitant to make any promises that no one would care about anyway. So that's the state of things for now. Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

good i'm glad - i was sick of keeping track of both :)

Smock said...

WP, despite its fanatical users and strong plug-in community, has its downsides. No shame in going with blogger - not at all.

spence said...

i agree about the downside of wordpress...but the limited design thing isn't too difficult to navigate with a lil' google search...i'm pretty stoked about my new blog design