April 25, 2008

No Sense In Trying To Be A Jerk

A guy I know named Abe Piper (some of you know his dad) guest blogged about how to blog better by serving readers. Most of it is good advice, but one comment especially stood out to me. I would go so far as to say that it's useful advice for real life, not just blogging, and so I've [subbed out] a few words of his quote below.

If the majority of [what you say] is made up of disagreeing with people, you should question your motives for [saying anything].

If you actually derive pleasure from bashing others, you should just quit.

If [what you say] regularly makes you enemies, that doesn't necessarily mean you're being persecuted for Jesus. It may just mean you're a jerk.

Well said, Abe. Something to be aware of, something to work on.

[PS You can find some thought provoking stuff at Abe's blog, where he limits each post to only 22 words.]

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