April 1, 2008

The Ship of Fools

Allow me to plug one of my all-time favorite sites, The Ship of Fools, and tell you that today they are 10 years old. I've been there for only 3 of the 10, but a few features are definitely worth checking out (especially in their brand new layout and design unveiled today).

It's a magazine for Christian Unrest, so they are experts at poking fun of their own. The front page is full of a lot of wonderful foolishness, as they call it, including Gadgets for God, The Fruitcake Zone, etc. More on this later.

The discussion board forums, known as the Community, are outstanding. Kester Brewin mentioned them in his book, Signs of Emergence, and gave them a less than stellar review. I couldn't disagree more. Broken into several sub-boards by topic and tone (Purgatory being my favorite, where I've moderated for the past 2 years), they welcome all types of conversations from all kinds of perspectives. If you are up for robust debate about religious topics (or light-hearted debate about almost anything), check these out.


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